IMPACT Awards for Innovation


Innovation is a top priority and a top challenge for organizations of any size. For most organizations, innovation is handled behind closed doors in a secluded part of the organization that only a few have access to. This type of innovation is no longer practical, scalable or effective when thinking about the future of work.

We are offering five innovation awards: Employee innovation Customer innovation Partner/supplier innovation Competitor innovation Public innovation We would like you to submit your story in written form (up to 300 words) or video (less than 2 minutes) telling us how innovation was accomplished in your organization in one of these five ways. Submit as many stories, in as many categories, as you think will help your organization win one of more of these awards. What do I do?

Upload your story or stories with your contact details, permission to use your material and commitment that if you are a finalist you will attend a video session, attend the awards night.